Bespoke Card & Artwork Questionnaire

After reading the How to Order page, please complete the following questionnaire to assist with ideas for your design, then click the 'send this form' button:

Your Details

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

The Recipients Details

  • Name of recipient (please ensure all spellings are correct):

    Do you want to include:
    • A full name
    • Just a first name
    • A nickname

  • Date of birth:

    Do you want to include:
    • The full date of birth e.g. - 25th June 2000
    • This years birthday date e.g. – 25th June 2011
    • Just the date & month e.g. – 25th June
    • Do you want the month spelt or as numerals

  • Special message:

    Do you want a special message included within the design? For example:
    • The occasion that the card is for – Birthday, Christening, Wedding, Good Luck, etc
    • The recipient’s favourite saying or catch phrase
    • A personal message that you want to convey
    • A loved one’s name
    • A favourite pet’s name

  • Main image of the design:

    What image best represents the personality or interests of the recipient?

    This is the image that I will then fill with all the recipient's favourite thing or things about the occasion.
    NB This is a key part of the design. It needs to be a strong and easily recognisable silhouette for the design to work. Please see the examples in my Bespoke Gallery.

  • Filling the main image with the recipient’s favourite things:

    I need to know as much detail as possible about their interests and hobbies.

    NB The more detailed the information you provide will ensure that the finished design is a completely unique gift.

    For example, what are the recipient’s favourite:
    • Pastimes/hobbies
    • Current or past profession
    • Foods
    • Animals
    • Places, holiday destinations
    • Activities
    • Objects/possessions

  • Colours

    I use inks and metallic paints. Please note that these may vary from the web colours below.
    Please tick the box underneath at least 4 colours and 1 metallic colour from the chart below (the metallic colours are 'Silver', 'Royal Gold', 'Gold', 'Pale Gold', 'Bronze' and 'Metalllic Red'.):

  • Burnt Sienna 
    Deep Red 
    Nut Brown 
    Peat Brown 
    Apple Green 
    Brilliant Green 
    Royal Gold 
    Pale Gold 
    Metallic Red 

    The inks are 'Windsor & Newton' and the metallic paints are called 'Folk Art Artists Colours' by Plaid.

  • Size of card/artwork:

    • Cards work best at A5 size (148mmx 210mm), although if you would prefer them to be a different size please let me know
    • Bespoke art can be any size up to A1
    • Frames to put the card or artwork in can also be made to order – Price on request

Your Privacy: We do not store your personal information for any other purpose than that of our own use.
Your details will not be disclosed to any other party.