Hand Drawn Original Cards

Hi, my name is Lisa Dionne. I am an artist and illustrator living in Cornwall. I provide clients with special, personalised cards and artwork. I have developed a very unique and iconic style for my range; this involves a highly novel approach that includes words and meanings incorporated into the image - the wording is tailored to the person, event or occasion.

I have produced a set of original card designs covering the full range of occasions and significant milestones. These are also available from the Yummy In Your Tummy Cakes website.

Bespoke Artwork and Personalised Cards

In addition, I can also offer a highly personalised one-off service. If you are fed up with buying generic gifts and cards for your loved ones or are struggling to think of something unique for a very special occasion then my bespoke design service can help.

I produce unique artwork or cards that are tailor-made to suit the personality and interests of the person you want to give it to. All my work is designed to make wonderful gifts that show you care for the recipient. This work is unique and of high quality therefore it can be framed to give a greater personal touch.

In order to personalise the card or artwork, I first need to find out as much detail as possible about the recipient's interests. The more information you can give me, the more detail I can put into the design. This is what makes yours such a thoughtful and genuine present. Please see the How to Order page of this website for more details.

Lisa Dionne Pugh - Art Teacher & Children's Book Illustrator

I am a qualified teacher and my love of teaching has led me set up my own Art classes here in St Cleer, Cornwall. For more information on the courses please go to my new Facebook page Lisa Dionne Pugh - Art Teacher

I am currently illustrating two children's books:

Teaser pictures can be found on their Facebook pages Tim Lizzy and Bertie the Beetle

For more information on the above contact Lisa at lisa.d.pugh@gmail.com or 07940 576310